Legends Of the Fluteboy

Flight Of the Eagle Hertog mascot Vitesse above Arnhem

(my favorite town in the Netherlands)

Very nice that you are visiting my Website,

I'm Rik Bakker,Whistler for the Voiceless

I play the Native American Indian Flutes,alone or with Friends.

Since 2006.

10th Anniversary


for the Endangered Species like the Wolf,Cheetah and Ambassador

for the Sparrow in the Netherlands Animal Rigts


The Founders of the Native American Indian Flute the Firste People of the

United States the North American Indian People.



Playing for everybody who wants to listen to it,

on Schools,in Churches,for Expositions Arts-Culture,

Yoga Meditation and Healing.


Background Music for:

Foto Sliteshows,Documentaires,Street Art,Movies on Birthdays,

Weddings and Funerals.

Take a look at my other Website Pages for More.


Thank You.

Greetings and Blessings from the Netherlands.

Rik Bakker.

With the Spirit of the Female Wolf Kynna.

Trail of Tears on my Face for Mother Earth the first People of the United States and the Endangered Species

I play the Native American Indian Flute with a Low Bow to the Founders of the Native American Indian Flute the North American Indian People